Activity One: Digital Access

Part I: In Advisory--Introduction

Digital Access can be defined as full electronic participation in society. To better understand this concept, watch the following clip with your advisory:

Advisory Discussion Questions:
  1. How would you describe the level of "electronic participation" of the students in the video?
  2. How does your electronic participation/digital access compare to theirs?
  3. Do you have/use the same tools? Different tools?

Part II: At Home--Interaction

It is important to understand that not everyone has this level of access; some have more, others less. In addition, some people choose to engage in technology more frequently than others, even to the point of excess. How much digital access/electronic participation is reasonable for a 7th grade student? Is it possible to "overload" on technology and get out of balance? Watch the following video with your parents:

Home Discussion Questions:
  1. Students: explain to your parents how your generation uses media. What are your favorite digital tools and gadgets?
  2. Parents: explain to your children how your generation used media when you were a child and how you use it today. What were/are your favorite tools and gadgets?
  3. Students and Parents: do you think the abundance of and access to media today is a good thing? Are we maintaining a healthy balance? Why or why not?

Home Activity

As you saw in the video and discussed with your family, there are many forms and levels of digital access. How do your media habits compare to those of your peers? How do your media habits compare to those of different generations? Below are links to two short surveys about media use; one is for students and the other for parents. Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys. The surveys are taken anonymously and the results will be compiled and shared later this month.

Student Survey: Click Here (survey closed)
Student Results: Click Here
Parent Survey: Click Here (survey closed)
Parent Results: Click Here

Part III: In Advisory--Reflection

Once the students and parents have completed the surveys, the composite results will be made available here:

Advisory Discussion Questions
  1. How did the student results compare to the parent results? What was alike? Different?
  2. What are the implications of these differences (positive and negative)?
  3. On the whole, does the 7th grade class maintain a healthy level of digital access? Why or why not?