Activity Three: Digital Communication

Part I: In Advisory--Introduction

Digital Communication can be defined as the electronic exchange of information. To better understand this concept, watch the following clip with your advisory:

Advisory Discussion Questions:
  1. What types of communication tools/technologies do you use?
  2. What are the advantages of using these tools? Disadvantages?
  3. Do you think digital communication brings us closer together or isolates us?

Part II: At Home--Interaction

Communication today includes cell phones, internet phones (VoIP), instant messaging (IM), text messaging, video conferencing, email, and a host of other technologies. Although these tools are readily available, do we really need to be in contact with other people all the time? Do we understand what is appropriate when using these digital communication devices? Watch the following video with your parents:

Home Discussion Questions:
  1. Students: How realistic is the scenario in the video? Do you and/or your friends ever rely too much on digital tools when face-to-face communication might be more appropriate?
  2. Parents: How do you feel about the "wired world" we inhabit? Has technology improved or hindered our ability to communicate?
  3. Students and Parents: What digital communication guidelines do you think are reasonable for your family?

Home Activity

As you saw in the video and discussed with your family, there are many different digital communication tools. These tool are neither inherently good or bad; it is how they are used that matters. What is considered appropriate at home may not be acceptable at school, and different families may have different expectations/guidelines.

Below are links to two short surveys about digital communication; one is for students and the other for parents. Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys. The surveys are taken anonymously and the results will be compiled and shared later this month.

Student Survey: (Survey Closed)
Student Results: Click Here
Parent Survey: (survey Closed)
Parent Results: Click Here

Part III: In Advisory--Reflection

Advisory Discussion Questions
  1. How did the student results compare to the parent results? What was alike? Different?
  2. What are the implications of these differences (positive and negative)?
  3. On the whole, does the 7th grade class appear to use digital communication tools appropriately? Why or why not?