Activity Two: Digital Literacy

Part I: In Advisory--Introduction

Digital Literacy can be defined as the capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it. To better understand this concept, watch the following clip with your advisory:

Advisory Discussion Questions:
  1. How does Jelly Ellie's "media day" compare to yours? Do you think she represents a typical teenager?
  2. Do you agree that there is a huge gap between teens and adults with respect to understanding technology? Why or why not?
  3. How would you suggest we help students and parents become more digitally literate?

Part II: At Home--Interaction

The word "literacy" dates to 1883 and can be defined as the state of being literate ( the ability to read and write). How do you think a person from that time period would react to the technology so readily available in our homes and classrooms? Do you think he/she would be considered a literate citizen in today's world? Watch the following video with your parents:

Home Discussion Questions:
  1. Students: Do you feel a student from the past (i.e. someone who doesn't know/use any technology) could succeed socially today? How about academically?
  2. Parents: Do you feel an adult from the past could succeed socially today? How about professionally?
  3. Students and Parents: What will digital literacy look like in 10 years? In 20 years? Will being digitally literate be different in the future?

Home Activity

As you saw in the video and discussed with your family, there are many different skills that comprise digital literacy. Does having access to digital technology mean the same thing as being digitally literate? How does your "literacy level" compare to that of your peers? To that of different generations?

Below are links to two short surveys about digital literacy; one is for students and the other for parents. Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys. The surveys are taken anonymously and the results will be compiled and shared later this month.

Student Survey: Click Here (Survey Closed)
Student Results: Click Here
Parent Survey: Click Here (Survey Closed)
Parent Results: Click Here

Part III: In Advisory--Reflection

Once the students and parents have completed the surveys, the composite results will be made available here:

Advisory Discussion Questions
  1. How did the student results compare to the parent results? What was alike? Different?
  2. What are the implications of these differences (positive and negative)?
  3. On the whole, does the 7th grade class appear to be digitally literate? Why or why not?