Here are some suggested resources to help students and adults understand and discuss digital citizenship.

Student Learning Resources

A Vision of K-12 Students Today bjnesbitt's 2007 YouTube video
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Marc Prensky's 2001 article in which he coined the term "Digital Native." Although slightly dated, it provides a good overview of the generational differences between students and adults with implications for teaching-learning.

Portrait of a Digital Native Tom McHale's 2005 TechLearning article that updates and expands upon Prensky's concept of a Digital Native.

Information and Communication Technology Users PEW/Internet report from 2007 that provides a typology of information/communication users in the United States. The title and "Summary of Findings" pages contain some revealing statistics.

School Environment Resources

Guide to Electronic Communication and Network Etiquette A guide from the Davis Community Network that discusses factors to consider when using electronic communication and suggests guidelines for using this medium most effectively.

Get Safe Online Tips and information for students and parents concerning digital safety and security.

That's Not Cool Student-centered approach to dealing with digital etiquette.

Cyberbullying in the Kitchen The AdCouncil's 2007 YouTube Video

Student Life Resources
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